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all my to dos disappeared with the latest iOS update!

I have been using this ap for some time. Well, I just went to use the ap for the 1st time since I installed iOS 5. I could see the little number 12 that meant I have 12 to dos (some were long lists including a shopping list.) The ap opened to a totally blank page and poof, all my reminders: gone! Now when I close the ap the number of reminders is gone and it's like I have never used the ap. I guess that makes this a good time to delete it from my phone! Beware and make sure if you use this: to email backups of everything to yourself! I'm so bummed!

Very Limited !

This application is very limited and simple, there are various improvements to be made...... I found this other application, which is way better than this one, it is called To Do's 2.... If you are thinking about buying this, the answer os No No No.....

Nothing Spectacular

There is nothing spectacular about this app. It is just an app where you can make a To-Do list. You can arrange your To-Dos by date, label their priority levels and e-mail them. These features can be helpful, but, overall, I could easily live without this app. I keep using this app just because I don't feel like having to remake my list somewhere else.

Could be better

Should have check off option instead of having to delete items as you complete them and would be nice to have day of week beside date as you enter start and end date.

Simple, Clean and Effective

My favorite of the 5000 To-Do apps out there. These guys seem like they know what they are doing. Looking forward to more apps from them.

It's useful

This is a pretty decent program for those of us who like check lists. I use it every day. The only thing I don't like is that you can't make your own categories (so you can make to-dos for projects or your children's names).

Would not recommend

I ended up deleting this from my iPhone as I found it was constantly depleting my battery.


It's good but I would really like it if I could orginize them by priority instead of just date, also keyboard, alarm, and check off would be nice. But other than that awesome app(:

Needs update

I tried to add to "Notes" on an item and it erased previous notes. Unable to add to notes. Needs better keyboard layout. Unable to mark item as "completed" with completion date stamp/time.

Can be better

Would be 5 stars if it had a better keyboard layout and an alarm feature.

Almost there, but needs updates

The major advantage compared to other free apps is it allows a start and finish date for tasks. The major disadvantage is it will not allow you to check off completed tasks. That is a basic concept of a to do list - check off as you go. I also agree about the keyboard- not all characters are there. Replicate the iPhone keyboard. I do like the email reminder capability though.

Check off

I really don't like the layout. And I really do not like that you can't check something off the list as being complete. You have to delete it. I don't want to delete it off the list. The keyboard does not offer all the key features as a normal keyboard. No parentheses...

Crashed everytime

Everytime I tried to create a new item, it crashed and closed the program.

Love it!

The best so far. Especially bc it shows how many tasks are at hand without going into the program. Just that alone is useful. Great program. Oh. And it's free.

It's ok

Needs alarm for to dos and a new keyboard.

This app would be more useful if...

it had an alarm feature that you could set different alarms to remind you of a task or to even check your to-do list. If you could set alarms for all or some of your to-do's would be wonderful. I was taking a test at a training class, and I knew that I was supposed to pick up my daughter at 5pm. Well, as engulfed as I was in the test, I didn't look at my ipod touch until 5:16. There is no use in having a to-do list app if you forget to look at it! Will get 5 stars after an update.


Where can I select a comma on the keyboard. Otherwise, nice app!

Really helpful, and useful

The only thing I don't like is the keyboard layout. The spacebar is too small. I keep touching the @ instead of the spacebar. Another nice thing would be to be able to send as a Task/Calendar in addition to email, or at least give it a due time. It would save time in copying the info sent in the email to the calender or task list. When I changed the priority of an item from Medium to None, it still shows up as Medium, even though it appears to have saved the changes. Thanks for this helpful app! Love it, use it!

Great App!

This app is simple and easy to use. The email feature works wonders for me at work. It helps to keep myself organized and allows me to help my co-workers as well. So far, I haven't had any problems with crashing or not responding.

Awesome for the price

But please... where is the : for time notes and the , to separate multiple items??? Can you not replicate the iPhone keyboard?

It's okay but just needs some adjustments

I wish it had some kind of alarm for some tasks that I know I have to do at a certain time. Also, I was wondering why the space bar has to be so small because I'm used to having a normal space bar at the bottom of the screen. Overall though it still helps me stay organized.

Keyboard Layout is awful

Why is the space bar button so small? And the special characters are mapped in different locations? I find this very frustrating to type in my To Do's and am constantly correcting typos. Please update this to feature the standard keyboard.

Alarm clock

This app would be great but it needs an optional alarm clock with each "to-do."

A nice start

A hood start for a basic to do app, but it would be convenient to be able to view the categories from the list, and maybe even sort it by category. also I'd reaaly like to see custom categories, sometimes personal and work are just to broad.

Under rated

Awesome app.. Easy to use and gets to the point ..


might be ok if didn't crash so often when entering due date. still waiting for apple to just include task list w/ calendar.

Good interface, just crashes

I have downloaded all the free to do list apps. This is the best so far. It does crash and I'm doing a couple of work arounds so that I don't lose my thoughts when it crashes. I hope the next update will fix this issue.

It's the worst

I've tried all the free to do apps and this one is the worst. You can't even mark a task complete. You can only delete it. You can't create your own categories. This is only the beginning of the problems for this app. It's not even worth its price.

Its Ok

Items are listed in the to-do list by start date, i dont see any point in that, due dates are not displayed and so do category.

Not bad, needs some improvement

I like this app, simple, clean and free! I would like to see, times included in the todos and some type of better backup. Also, how about a comma too!

back up NEEDED

like it but needs a back up via MOBILE ME

Not Bad

A pretty good app. My only requests would be for a colon and parenthesis to be added to the keyboard, and the icon to show the number of items due that day.

It will solve crashing problems

After getting an update u must remove the old copies of that app.That is what apple advises.then there will be no crash.Try this.

Great icon, app can be improved

I use this primarily because the icon shows the number of tasks (just like the phone icon shows the number of missed calls); the actual app could use some face-lifting. In list mode lines with individual tasks are too tall, using unnecessary screen real estate; they are sorted by date, which is not the most useful and cannot be changed.

Nice and simple, but needs work

Of the free todo apps available, this is my choice. When I open a todo app, I don't want to have to navigate through a bunch of submenus. Just show me the list. I also want to able to select a due date for my tasks. Lastly, I want an inidicator on the dashboard icon telling me how many tasks I have pending. Without that reminder, I wouldn't remember that I have pending tasks (if I could remember, I probably wouldn't need a task organizer). There are other task organizers available that have one of two of these features, but none of the free apps have all three features. I would improve this app by jazzing up its rather simple interface. It looks very generic. Also, some people like to check off tasks, but still be able to see them. With this app, you check off a task by deleting it. This app also allows you categorize your tasks, but the categories are hard set and can't be edited. Also, the Delete button appears over the priority. Not really a big deal, but makes the interface look sloppy.

Getting there...

I like the latest update since it adds the number of 'to-dos' to the standby screen, however it's still missing just a few things... 1) 'done' task, not necessarily delete. 2) being able to add the time to your task. you may have 4 things to do at different points in the day. would be nice to have an alarm like function associated with them. 3) have the number on the stand-by screen be to-dos for that day, not tomorrow, yesterday, or any other day. Still great for what it is!

Maybe fatal problem with mixed characters and email feature

Today I tried the "email to-do" feature for the first time for one item that contained both English and Kanji ("漢字" Japanese/Chinese doublebyte characters) in the to-do name. The application probably does not handle the Kanji well, the email was sent out with a '(null)' string in the text area. Then the weirdest problems occurred, here is a list of them. All the downloaded applications stopped working, they would die/crash as soon as I activated them. The default/native Apple supplied applications were okay, and eMails were received without any issues. The Phone application seemed okay too since I was able to make calls. When I started the "iPod" application, it told me that there were no music files in my iPhone. But the iTunes indicator said there there was over 7GB of music in my iPhone. Syncing did not notice that there was something wrong with my music files in the iPhone. Even after multiple power off/on of the iPhone, the downloaded applications would continue to crash - usually this would resolve the problem. So I began my troubleshooting and resolution journey. In iTunes, I set the config not to sync any music to my iPhone, then initiated a sync. Afterwards iTunes indicated there was no music in my iPhone and the 7GB of storage space was freed up. Then I changed the setting to sync music to my iPhone and initiated another sync. After some time, with all the music back in my iPhone, iTunes indicated about 7GB of space used for music (as before). But the iPod application still displayed a message saying there was no music in my iPhone. And all downloaded applications still crashed immediately. I am not 100% sure that the culprit of the problems is this application and trying to email an item containing both English and Kanji characters in the item's name, as well as the region set to Japan. Saving the item with the mixed English Kanji characters did not cause any problems. But the problems started as soon as I used the "email to-do" feature. I think I also lost all of my to-dos. I like the concept of this application, and probably the development and quality testing needs to include the different types of characters used worldwide. Now I am contemplating what next to do - to resolve these problems.

Waste of space

This is totally useless. There is no way to check off when you have completed a task or show that you are moving along in the task. Total waste of my download time and space on my iPhone.

Just like Notes

Though it is not exactly like the Notes program that comes with the iPhone, it is basically the same. Not worth downloading.

Great To-Do app !!!

Very easy to use, good idea. Thanks a lot !!!

Won't even open

Crashes repeatedly, even after phone restart.

I'd really like to like this but...

Every time they have an update to the app, it erases my to-dos....I don't want to have to remember them and keep creating them each time it updates. That is what I have the app for.

Great. Needs two things though

U should have some way to input the time of that day when that event is occuring. At least put in a ":" button come on! Great tho. Mabye an alarm system to alert the person the day before possibly?

Not versatile

Let's you make a list, but that's about it -- you could just use the notepad for that. You can assign categories, but they're not displayed in the list and you can't create your own. Also there doesn't seem to be away to check things off; you have to delete finished tasks. And there's no search or filter.

Does what says

I have it and use this app daily. Recommend to all.

Nice app

I like the app just wish it could sync with outlook.

Good App

Easy to use and works well. I would only suggest for improvement an option for the non-completed tasks to roll over to the next day automatically.

Update may be bad for your health

You might want to wait to update. I updated yesterday and all my previous tasks have disappared. I can't find a support number for doapp, inc and have not had a response to email yet. I like the app - wish you could filter by catagory (which is an obvious need and should have been a must have before the product was ever release) but need a way to get data back after an update. This is quite essential.


Nice apppp.! Atlest it's free give it a break guys. Post some advice for the developer Y put it down

Works well, but closes with too much activity

I keep trying to find a decent to-do app and this one works pretty well, except when I try to do more than one thing in a row. It works great if you just open, add a task and close, or just open and view and close. But open, add, view, add, change a date and it boots you out to the home screen. Hopefully the next update will fix that. Like the simple view by date.

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